Contracting As Theatrical Performance

So I would appreciate a chance to distill some of the lessons a lifetime of contracting(since I won a few jobs filtering my St. Louis neighborhood in 1963) taught me.

A key concept is to frame contracting as a complex and very, very interesting theatrical performance, eye on the prize of acting to increase the chances of becoming a hero and not a goat.

People who ask you for a bid on a project are actors with you who, with you, make their front porch, yard, and building a stage for the play you will co create with them and others in the drama.

We want you to learn how to be the leading actor in a very serious play, who becomes a hero and not a goat.

Tips On Crafting A Hero’s Role

Overcoming Trust Barrier With Testimonials

It would overcome what is called the barrier of trust with a simple sheet that prints testimonials from clients and authorized trades that guarantee their competence and integrity.

(to be continued)

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