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Patsy Ocompo Welder 414-456-1505
Patsy Ocompo Welder 414-456-1505

Hello, my name is Sofia. I have been seeking a job closer to my home. Currently I work for Xentel but that is on 76th and Greenfield, a little to far of a drive.
Also, the job only needs second shift employees. What I am hoping to find is a first shift job because I am starting night time college on weekdays. If anyone is in search of some help send me an email or give me a call.

I am a very good worker. I have experience in:
*Secretarial Work

My contact number is
(414) 839-2418
My email contact is
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!Sofia Maria Renova

325 E. Euclid Ave
Milwaukee Wi 53207

Phone 414-839-2418


*Retail Clerk

To assist every customer to the best of my ability. To gain and learn more skills.

Sept. 2002- June 2003 Kilmer South Milwaukee, WI
High School Diploma

Work experience

Aug. 2002 – Dec. 2003 Wal-Mart Milwaukee, WI
Sales Floor

Cleaning duties, secretarial work, customer service
Work experience

Dec. 2003 – June 2005 Kim Son’s Chinese Restaurant Milwaukee, WI

Seating guests, taking and maintaining reservation book

Taking orders, bringing food, cleaning


July 2005- Current Community Roofing Inc. Milwaukee, WI

Answer phone, make appointments, organize papers, clean office

James Godsil Community Roofing 414-232-1336
Bridget Wines Co-Worker 414-732-0375
Patsy Ocompo Welder 414-456-1505
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