Thank you for all the good work you and yours have done
Over all these aeons!

We made it!

What say a Chicago Renaissance!

Why not a Detroit Renaissance!

A Toronto Renaissance?

A Deluth Renaissance!

A Great Lakes Renaissance!

Let’s do it.
The time is right!
The omens are propitious!

It’s time.

It’s time.

Introducing An On-Line Magazine And Movement Resource

The above link takes you to one partner in this project’s vision as to some of the renaissance “moments” in Milwaukee 3 years back.

Our vision has been broadened since the 2005 notion.
We are in some kind of global renaissance.
Worth our acknowledging and welcoming.

Africa as a cultural force is becoming a beacon for great spirits,
From Obama to Mandela to Soyinka, on the male side of
Afropolitan great and modest beings!

On the female side, who will let me know?

The possibilities are wondrous,
And of course, frightening,
To imagine.

No one ever told any of us
It would be easy.

We are becoming one!

We are…


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