Tiny Homes As Degree Program for High School and College Students


So the Tiny Home Alliances across the planet find some focused on tiny homes for people with few resources, middling, and many. Tiny Homes as status symbols. Tiny homes as survival options.

My vision, and that of many others, involves tiny homes as one among many responses to the challenge of habitat design and construction.

My particular inspiration comes from the vision of our high school and college students organizing as much as possible of their studies around the various skill sets and knowledge domains related to constructing tiny homes:

STE+A+M skills, with E for engineering and ecological sensibility, A for art, architectgure, artisanship, and agriculture: on the foundation of reading and writing experience directly related to the history of housing in different climates, cultures, class systems, and different historic epochs.

The Norris Academy, Journey House Construction and Design Academy, Community Roofing & Restoration, the Sweet Water Foundation, and others are moving in this direction with:

for some students, a backyard tiny home for themselves or a grandparent, friend, partner

Norris can provide open enrollment option for Milwaukee students(Racine?)

a support structure for lots of virtual education

facilities at Norris for serious woodworking, metal work, masonry, science, IT, graphic design, even recording studios and theatre resources(I might want to be a set designer too!)

teachers at Norris students get centered emotionally

with a network of mentors, many retired engineers/artisans, who can help my design and construct efforts

This vision would provide various career pathways based upon hands on tiny home learning adventures

Norris/CDA had relationships with companies that wanted to provide internship opportunities and perhaps full time summer jobs prior to graduation, and jobs upon gradudation.

Why not?

Tiny Homes Town Gown Alliance to 2045

Linda Corbin-Pardee said: Godsil, this is great. But is there a need to simultaneously run down higher ed? Community or technical college, four year liberal arts degrees, masters and PhDs, specialty certifications, and more - isnít it great when there are a variety of ways to learn things so that everyone can get the education they want and be of service to society in all the ways we need?

Linda Corbin-Pardee Absolutely right on! No intention to run down “higher ed.” I spent from 18 to 28 reading books, writing papers, givingvoice in seminars, co creating campus civil rights and peace groups, and from 28 to 74 in collaboration experiments with engaged professors. Town Gown alliances toward diversifying pedagogical opportunities. Until my 100th birthday party God willing.

July 29, 2019 Meeting With Milwaukee DCD Director Rocky Marcoux

Planning To Attend

John Miceli

Ryan Schone

Gabriella Bustos-Lopez

Barbara Paulini

Justin Kreger

Eric Kurzynski

Que El-Amin

Anthony Kazee

Allyson Nemec

Here are some images from that meeting


Key facts for me are that zoning rules make it pretty easy to build a tiny home in an area zoned RT4 and that empty lot tiny home developments would require approval by the Board of Zoning Appeals.

RT4 District. The purpose of the RT4 district is to promote, preserve and protect neighborhoods intended primarily for 2-family dwellings while also permitting a mixture of single-family dwellings and small multi-family dwellings of 3 or 4 units. This district, much like the RT3 district, allows smaller lots, smaller setbacks and a higher lot coverage than the RT1 and RT2 districts. The neighborhoods found in this district were platted and developed, in large part, in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This district also allows traditional corner commercial establishments commonly found in urban neighborhoods.

Members Board of Appeals

​Brett Blomme would join members Henry Szymanski, Jewel Currie, Jennifer Current and Eric Lowenberg on the board. Karen D. Dardy and Erik Richardson serve as alternates. Doyle, the sister of former Governor Jim Doyle, has served on the board since 1997. ​

Tiny Homes of Beauty and Comfort For Snow Bird Artisans?

The emerging Community Restoration Guild is sparking a Tiny Home Alliance in Milwaukee and Chicago.

As year round indoor training in slate, copper, architectural carpentry

but also to house our northern artisans for down south winter work, and

our southern artisans for up north winter work

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