Lisa and I visited Growing Power this past winter (WELL below zero that day!) to shoot some video of how everyone’s favorite Winter Salad Greens were grown.
We came back with over an hour of video (most of which was eaten by my camera, but that’s another story) and the feeling that we are in fact part of something big by supporting Growing Power.

Will Allen and his staff at Growing Power fight the good fight everyday ensuring that urban communities have sustainable food systems. How do they do it? They educate while they farm: Will travels all over to communities teaching urban farming practices and Growing Power hosts thousands of people each year on tours at their farms. Outpost plays a part in supporting this Milwaukee treasure by selling their greens, sprouts, worm power fertilizer and more in the future…and getting the word out about all Growing Power does.

Take a virtual tour ala our You Tube site or schedule a tour…you won’t regret it.
The tour is in 3 parts at

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