I think some of the following visions are worth considering:

  • Olde wins as much sweat equity contribution as possible, with a property that has a bad roof, bad chimney, bad gutters, ugly siding

  • Olde wins a place that is as small and out-of-the way as possible and as low-cost and basic as possible, e.g. attic or semi-finished basement quarters, no “real” kitchen necessary, shared bathroom ok

  • Partners to the project bring talents and resources that we lack, e.g. artisan partners, internet partners, accounting partners, grant writing partners, entrepreneur and social enterprise partners, etc.

  • Public/Private, Profit/Non profit collaborations(PPPNPC) on cutting edge energy and sustainable development issues, e.g. energy from solar, wind mills, photovoltaic art glass in skylights, etc.

  • PPPNPC for Main Street Property, e.g. facade grants, training center, small business support center, murals, internet empowerment, bring cottage industsries to main street, etc.
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