You will need FOXIT Reader for Washington Park Beat files. You may download FOXIT on your computer at:
FOXIT Reader

To read Washington Park Beat, please follow these steps.

RIGHT Click on the link on this page.
Select “Save Link As”
At SAVE AS click OK.
File will now be downloaded to your computer. (Note the location, folder and file name.)

You will open Washington Park Beat outside of your web browser.

Go to the location on your computer of the downloaded file.
SHIFT RIGHT Click on the name of the file
Select FOXIT

If you do not see FOXIT, select “Choose Program”
If you do not see FOXIT again, select “Browse”

Look for “Foxit Reader.exe” on your computer. Click.

(Milwaukee Renaissance will attempt to make this process simpler. And provide some assistance. Your patience will be gratefully appreciated.)

Washington Park Beat
Voter Rights
October 2006 page 3

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