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Feel free to use this page to experiment with the Text Formatting Rules. Just click the “Edit Page” link at the bottom of the page.

The Table of Contents that follows is created via a small bit of code, which instructs the wiki to

Here’s a special way of demonstrating both the code entered and its output. To view all of wiki-markup on this page, you can click here to view the page’s wiki-source.


Here’s a second-level heading, created with two leading exclamation points.

Typically, the top-level heading (single leading “!”) is reserved for the page-header - its title.

Here’s another second-level heading created using two leading exclamation points.

Typically, there’d be some text following each heading

Here’s a third-level heading; using three leading exclamation marks

More text follows

Here we are, back to a second-level heading

Text goes here

Hey, this is a top-level heading; breaks the pattern, so the table of contents markup ignores it

Admittedly, this aspect can be a little confusing

And we’re back to third-level heading

And things are back to normal.

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