We are ready to roll out some Worm Mon Shows.

These Worm Mon shows will be some of the raw material for the Worm Mon Morality Play to be developed primarily for children and seniors.

If you would like to help write the script or audition for various roles, send me an e-mail at godsil.james@gmail.com.

Worm Mon: A Morality Play in Three Acts for Schools and Senior Center

Setting. A 20×15 blue plastic tarp with 25 gallons of dark, moist compost teeming with worms and other soil partners (Bug Mon can explain) in the center. Three children from 5 to 7 years old are shrieking with delight as they search the pile for worms to place 2 to a pot they have already half filled. A sifter atop a 2×3x2 plastic bin is half filled with a mixture of worm castings, wood chips, and worms to be separated by the children. A brick of ground coconut shell called coyer rests next to a pile of worm castings and a few dozen 6 inch pots. At the far end of the tarp is a pile of wood chips, leaves, and dried grass clippings next to a pile of coffee grounds and fruit and veggie wastes in a 5 gallon bucket. Bob Marley’s “Don’t You Worry” is playing in the background. On the walls are projected images of micro-organisms in all of their glory feasting on nutrients in the water, compliments of a few thousand yellow perch being prepared for re-entry into Wisconsin waters.

Mother Earth. Father Sky! Wake up! The human race is running amok!

Father Sun. Amok? Might you be over-reacting my sweet one?

Mother Earth. Yeah right! (Emphatically bobbing her head). You may burn brightly but God dwells in the details. Listen to the testimony of other earthlings.

Rain Forest.

Ice Caps.



Add your role and script.

Why not?

Worm Mon Olde

P.S. Please make your characters evoke images/thoughts with fewest possible words in deference to our youthful audience and information saturated adults

Some of it will simply be written for performance by others
elsewhere. Some of it will be written based on the actual
practice of the Worm Mon Shows. And some of it will become,
God willing, part of a traveling Theatre Troupe.

It is possible that some of the players will be virtually present
for their lines, beamed on the walls of the Tulip Building through
the miracle of internet communications.

Send me an e-mail if you would like to help develop a production
for your favorite place or audition for the roll of:

Worm Mon
Weed Mon
Bug Mon
Plant Mon
Business Mon
Art Mon
Peddler Mon
Barker Mon
and more!

And see what fun good times we can have!


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