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First Introduction of Yash To Sweet Water India “Partners”

Where would 27 years of “evolutionary groping”(mostly culturally speaking) and “slogging” together take us?

Dear Iqbal, Angila, Indira, Emmanuel, Jesse, Govind, and Yash,

Emmanuel and I have been taking small steps toward global collaborations like we all now can envision since 2008,
with enough small victories that I greet your note, Iqbal, and an introduction to your “partners” Angila and Indira, with delight…

Especially because

(Hello Asha!)

Here is a link for all regarding Dr. Mukherjee’s Indo American Aquaponics aspiration…

Here is a link to a short video, images, and text that provides a glimpse of our collaborative possibilities.

And here are links that capture some of the resources that Emmanuel Pratt and Jesse Blom can bring to what I hope will be a generational experiment.

Iqbal, I know that there is too much information here for an hour’s review. The link above in blue is where to start.
And know that I never expect my “partners” to read my emails, in the way that I pray, I pray they will not delete them. There are kernels of imaginative rationality from my madness.

​ ​

Let’s mint many COINS! i.e. cooperative innovation networks…together…

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