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Merlin Donald

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  • Religion and the Rise of the Machine

  • Human Cognitive Evolution: How the Modern Mind Came into Being

  • Is the Human Mind Unique? — Merlin Donald: Skilled Performance and Artistry

James C Scott

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  • Food sovereignty A critical dialogue

Fr Sean Mcdonagh

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  • Climate Change: Religious Lobby 2008 (Part 3)

  • A New Day Dawns with Laudato Si’

Super Schools

It’s not the green dollar capital
That’s the secret behind Super Schools.

It’s the social, cultural, cognitive, and spirital capital

That’s the opening wedge…

The constituents of the.tool, Super Schools, that make the tools.

New tools!

Super Schools know not time nor space.

We can weave the “distributed cognitive networks” manifesting Super Schools

By weaving our souls,
In mind sharing circles
Of tinkering and elevating intimacy.

Circles of intimacy,
And maybe even Love.

Metis V. Mary
With recent support from Merlin M.

Are you and yours entwined in Super Schools?

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