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Fr Sean Mcdonagh

  • Naomi Klein Introduces Draft Writer of Laudato Si and Pope’s Ecological Advisor

  • Reflections on Laudato Si’

  • Caring for Our Common Home

  • Climate Change: Religious Lobby 2008 (Part 3)

  • A New Day Dawns with Laudato Si’

Merlin Donald

  • Wiki Introduction

You Tube Videos

  • Religion and the Rise of the Machine

  • Human Cognitive Evolution: How the Modern Mind Came into Being

  • Is the Human Mind Unique? — Merlin Donald: Skilled Performance and Artistry

James C Scott

  • Beyond the Pale: The Earliest Agrarian States and “their Barbarians”, SOAS

  • The Art of Not Being Governed

  • How Grains Domesticated Us

  • Food sovereignty A critical dialogue

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