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How do I Contribute to the Online Journal of Social Enterprise?

There are two ways to add your contributions to the JSE:

  1. send your contribution to
    • If you’re a new contributor, include whatever biographical information you’d like to see on a page about you,
    • Include any background information about your contribution you’d like to see as its introduction.

  2. Add it yourself!
    • click “edit” at the top of this page - just below the “Search” box - and you’ll see this page open in an editable text box.
    • Scroll down to this section,
    • click with your mouse below this section of text,
    • press your “Enter” key a couple of times, and then
    • key or paste your contribution below.
    • Include the same kind of bio about yourself and intro to the piece.
    • We’ll format it and put it where it belongs.
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