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Devi’s poetry:

Our mother

A spinning garden jewel glistening in the void
The evolving beauty of her incipient brain lost
in idleing cancerous malignancy

I stand before the goddess of my ancestors
Begging forgivance my innocence
A steady gaze in her eye
We know I’ll all ways love her
With each no choice but to do as we do

With all I can do I offer
“this life to stop the extinction”
offering left on the altar of my heart

“walk forth from this place of desecration
we will eat the pain with our smiles
our tears will turn the path green
in our struggles to be freely
we will a place of beauty
and in our faces we’ll hold truth and peace
spinning thru the galaxy sowing my seed
I will bloom in health and you need never die

Gia will live
With me
or without us
Gia will live

Her Prayer

Our mother
who art in earth
hallowed be thy rain
Our will be one
her will be done
To make heaven on our good earth

Out mother
beginning’s berth
relieve our pain
The time has come
to get things done
In our sights is the end of dearth

Our mother
who’s art is birth
renew what’s been slain

Our mother
for all that she’s done
we all owe thanks
Warlords are done
peace’s time has come
We have no more use for the gun

Our mother
who sustains our life
We can and must now end all strife

We are all one
archons’ reign is done
To heaven’s reign we are berth

Psalm I

Thanx for vinegar and salt
Thanx for a bit of wheat, hops, and malt

That there should be
And that it knows
Where to flow

Thanx for dioxygen
Or either alone
And for what you do
Thank you

Thanx for sky
A place called home
The earth inside
With room to roam

flowers may have petals
thanks to all the metals
like iron and potasium
with the salt of sodium
balence our fluidity

to keep the water in
by providing our skin
carbon keeps it all together
protecting us from weather
and covers our nudity

For phosphorus and calcium
In every bone
And thank you nitrogen
For all we’ve grown

Thank you sun
Thank you chlorophyl
For what’s done
For you carbo fill

Nucleic acids
Are oh so nice
When you kids
Twine them ‘round twice

That mass and energy
Should dance so divine
Thank you
Oh thank you!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thanx for time, to think
Thus able to mind


prayer is how we treat your body and mine
it’s the life we will have to see
to have a future where we will be
prayer is how and why we seek for our kind some more time
peace cooperation and blessings will be all that can get done
when our new age has begun
our love will hit a peak
when no confinement by death has been won
and there is heaven under the sun
we will have all that we seek


and there out of the ashes of art
will rise like a big happy fart
a new health a new self a new state of being
a new stealth a new wealth a new way of seeing
a new day a new way to be a sage
and quicken the place
a new way to bring out another age
in a state of grace
a shiny new enlightened stage
to be realities new page
a new world a new state of phase
a new sight a new like a new kind of race
a new flight a new tyke a new state of grace
a new upward a new load to bear
a new inward a new way to share
to return to the place of the crown of culture
pushing on outward to space
to be civil I’d guess
a new way to treat I & you and relations between
with a blend of old meanings and beauty can be seen
a new life a new breath and a look in between
if we are to see
the 21st century
the most meaning full art
will have to be

3 rules of revolution:

everything you do is important and is your valid domain
everything anyone does is important and a valid domain of your study
if you’re not having more fun your not more revolving

the revolution’s never done
the restoration never rests
the reformation always fails to choose

viva la revolution!!!

Favorite one liners and such:

  • We’re optomists, not stupid
  • Paranoia will die!
  • Galactic conciousness now
  • Rainforest is genengine
  • Genengine rainforest
  • Radital = rad it all
  • Simple bodies evolve intelligence in complex environments

Complex bodies evolve simple minds in simple environments

  • Synchronicity increases with increase in the number of levels at which complexity arises in an environment
  • Everything is everything [everything is everything - everything is everything - everything is everything]
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