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Welcome To My Dream

I dream I’m holding a large mirror,
so the whole world can see itself…
yes, everything sees it’s reflection,
from elephants, to sea-shells:
welcome to my dream.

And when anything gazes into the mirror,
it doesn’t just see itself:
it sees connections
with everything else:
welcome to my dream.

Flowers see bees, sunshine, and rain,
a squirrel sees the forest…
a whale sees the immense ocean,
and birds, the sky so vast.

Aaaaahh, my wondrous dream,
its mirror, pure magic:
when a gravestone looks into it,
a baby’s face smiles back…
welcome to my dream;
may it never end…
may it never end!
Welcome to my dream

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Last edited by Tyler Schuster. Based on work by TeganDowling.  Page last modified on April 17, 2008

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