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Seeds in the Ground

I got home after dark tonight, and
watered the part of the garden recently planted,
as Iíll be leaving for work before dawn, and

donít want my babies drying out.

Standing there, hose in hand,
water arcing towards pea, kale,
spinach, and cilantro embryos, I reflect
that Iím similar to these seeds in the ground,
more potential than actuality,
striving towards my destiny
much as they naturally grow upwards,
through dirt and compost, encouraged
by the invisible sunís warmth,

nurtured by soil, and rain, or
a drink from Lake Michigan.

Itís easy to fool myself into thinking
Iíve got nothing in common with seedsÖ
after all, I have a job, drive a car, and
do various other things not
usually associated with tiny seedlings
just beginning to break through---


in moments of lucidity, like tonight,
when standing in the quiet garden,
as water soaks into the ground,

I feel a deep kinship with
all things blindly groping
in darkness, towards light

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