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%center% —Harvey Taylor
%center% —Harvey Taylor
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!%center%All The Difference

April Fool’s came early this year,
on the second day of Spring…
right after flowers starting peeping up,
Winter had another fling.
My neighbor trudged through deep drifts,
as I finished shoveling,
her car stuck in the alley, sideways,
emergency lights flashing.

I went down the alley with her,
and we dug, and dug, and dug,
then she stepped on the gas pedal,
while I pushed and shoved, and shoved.
Well, we were getting nowhere fast,
and I mean that literally…
that’s when an angel arrived—
an angel without wings.

This angel and I,
we both had our knees in the snow,
rocking the car, back and forth—
then we got on a roll.
But we bogged down one more time,
in an icy rut, really deep,
then, with one more all-out push,
we finally made it to the street.

->There’s a moral to this story,
->and this is what it is:
->when an angel comes along,
->they can make All The Difference.

Feel free to take this story,
and apply it to other seasons…
yes, go ahead and use it
for many different reasons.
Because, there’s a moral here,
and you don’t have to guess what it is:
sometimes, you might be the angel,
yes, YOU too can make All The Difference…
uh-huh, YOU can make All The Difference

%center% —Harvey Taylor
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