Milwaukee OnLine Journal Of Social Enterprise

Milwaukee Online Journal of Social Enterprise

To those who have been fighting the good fight for the renaissance of great American cities like Milwaukee, or who have a literary or theoretical bent that inspires, this effort is directed.

Fall 2005 Offerings?

Summer 2005 Offerings

Spring 2005 Offerings

Winter 2004-2005 Offerings

Would you like a sentence, paragraph, one page memo, or essay space for what I hope will be a Quarterly On-Line Journal of Social Enterprise for our fair city?

How do I contribute?

“For our fair city” will definitely include thoughtful Anglophone city lovers from across the planet!

For me social enterprise involves people creating and sustaining social projects and “culture products” that serve the people and advance liberty, equality, community, and truth, beauty, and justice.

“Milwaukee” social enterprise, methinks, puts a focus on the “old city.” But writing by “suburbanites” about city/suburban collaboration is very much welcome. As is writing by people from afar whose insights would serve the good cause. Or perhaps people from afar who would like to invest in Milwaukee, create a business in Milwaukee,joint-venture with Milwaukee, or live here during the months of paradise in Milwaukee.

At this point, the following “social enterprisers” have been invited to participate:

  • Main/TinaOwen (Founder Milwaukee Alliance School)
  • Main/BillSell (Founder Bay_View_Matters and Bike the Hoan, writer “Bay View Compass,” and more)
  • Main/JasonLange (cartoonist for “Currents” , creator of “Riverwurst” Comix)
  • Cleo Pruitt (Soldiers Home/NAACP Bridge Building)
  • VirginiaCassel (Co-Founder Milwaukee Preservation Alliance, Soon to Launch School for Young Women)
  • SarahDollhausen (One of Key Leaders and Promoter of Latino Community Center and more)
  • SandyFolaron (Key person of Save the Soldiers Home Movement and more)
  • Main/TonyOberbrunner (Key elder of the early Dean Movement and the ongoing “Dean movement”)
  • IssaBoulos ( for bio sketch)
  • Main/JohnLunz (Chair of Environmental Committee of Park People, Key Leader Save the Lakefront Coalition)
  • DebRidgway (creative soul, environmental & community steward)
  • WilliamCampbell (President, Black Student Union, MATC)
  • JamesCarlson (Founder and Executive Director of Bucketworks)
  • Main/LynnBroaddus (Environmental Leader, Ex. Dir., Friends of Milwaukee Rivers)
  • Main/LunaSimone
  • JoshFraundorf (Head of Community Roofing & Restoration, Inc. Residential Division)
  • Godsil/MeganWinesGodsil
  • ErikLindberg (Owner, Community Building and Restoration, Ph.D. in English Literature)
  • Main/JohnGoldstein (Pres. AFL-CIO of Milwaukee)
  • LarraineMcNamaraMcGraw
  • JimSpice
  • HarveyTaylor
  • Main/TraceySperko (Wisconsin Coordinator, Veterans for Progress)
  • SteveWatrous
  • Main/TheoLipscomb (Director of Community Development for

West End Development Corporation, WEDC)

  • Main/HowardSnyder (Director Northwest Side Community Development Corporation)

I would send The Online Journal out to 2,000 social enterprisers in Milwaukee on the last Tuesday of every month, to coincide with the Rumi/Hafiz presentations at Timbuktu. I would imagine the writers would reach another 1,000 or so from their lists.

I would very much like for you to be one of the original contributors to this worthy journal.

You would only contribute on months when you felt like it, as much as you wished, about whatever you wished, whenever you wished. We would compile your monthly product for that at the end of the month broadcast.

We would start with 2,000 and expect to reach 2,500 at the end of year one, 3,000 by the end of year two, 4,000 at the end of year three, and stop at 5,000 by the end of year four.

We hope to offer you a path to “voice” and also a place to store some of your letters to the editors, your posts to on-line groups, your poetry and prose, your “intellectual legacy.”

You have done good work for the good cause and there are people from all over who will enjoy hearing your story and that of your allies. We hope to spark your becoming your own “wiki web master,” learning new skills as the months and years go by, until this becomes the path to your first major electronic and perhaps “hard copy” publication.

What say?

Clear sailing,


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