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I would be honored and happy to give you a half-hour overview of wiki technology. It adds tremendous social value to the efforts of any community-based organization. Bucketworks is a wiki-based organization, and we have amazing and practical stories to tell:

  • 45 page strategic plan cooperatively authored by 6 people in 3 weeks all online
  • grant proposals authored in 12 hours by 8 people
  • We’re a paperless business—paper is optional

In brief, wiki (a Polynesian word meaning ‘quick’) is a website that supports collaboratively editing pages, documents, and proposals. A wiki website is a website that makes everyone in the organization the webmaster— it makes the web as useful to everyone as the fax, telephone, and email already are. After the web-savvy folks have made the look and feel, the actual behavior of the site comes under the control of the people of the organization.

Wiki sites start with training and experimentation. We’re currently building wiki sites for the Cultural Alliance of Greater Milwaukee, Golda Meir school, Mandel Graphic Solutions, the Congress for New Urbanism, and others.

Best of all, your site can be transformed into a wiki without losing the investment you’ve already made in its appearance and content. It just becomes vastly easier to maintain and enhance without costly technical expertise.

Do you have a half-hour in the next two weeks to review wiki at Bucketworks or your office?

Best wishes for your success,
James Carlson
Executive Director
Bucketworks: where Milwaukee’s people make their ideas happen
1319 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Suite 100

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