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Welcome to your home and garden at the wiki web called “Josh Fraundorf.”

We hope to offer you a path to “voice” and also a place to store some of your letters to the editors, your posts to on-line groups, your poetry and prose, your “intellectual legacy.”

You have done good work for the good cause and there are people from all over who will enjoy hearing your story and that of your allies. We hope to spark your becoming your own “wiki web master,” learning new skills as the months and years go by, until this becomes the path to your first major electronic and perhaps “hard copy” publication.

If you would prefer to only concentrate on your writing for the “Journal,” send them my way and we’ll talk about which article would be sent out for which month, hopefully all months. If you’d like to inch your way toward this resource, where you would become your own wiki master, read on!

To begin go to the top of the page and click “edit.”

A page will appear for you to cut and paste or compose on right there.

When you have finished, being sure to never indent, use “*” for bullet points and “#” for numbers, go to the bottom of the page and click “submit.”

Look at the finished product. If you wish to make further changes, to to the top of the page again to “edit,” and follow the same process.

Feel free to call me at 232 1336 if you have questions. I am working to create a situation where self managed web pages are as much a birthright as literacy.

Clear sailing,


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