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Milwaukee OnLine Journal Of Social Enterprise

Dear Virginia,

The deadline is not last Friday.

I made it that in case I would need time to configure things.

I am very much up to incorporating any offering from your fine mind and good heart into the Premier Issue of the experiment in social enterprise tentatively named “The Milwaukee On Line Journal of Social Enterprise.”

How about bearing down and writing a one page biography, from the heart?

kul am u-into bcheer, peace, love, light and happiness -Godsil

Brief summary of offerings to date…

Issa Boulos’ love poem is preceded by prose describing his life in Ramallah that gave rise to this love he beautifully portrays.

Harvey Taylor’s offering suggests the thought that Rumi and Hafiz somehow have a Milwaukee child in the person of this giant, genial, expansive longshoreman Riverwest poet.

Tony Oberbrunner very clearly warns us that the Bush’s Social Security plans will profoundly change our nation’s social contract in very bad ways.

John Lunz is a navy veteran, electrical engineer, and unsung hero of the environmental movement, who offers a moving personal essay on the “color line” in Milwaukee back to the 1940s.

John Goldstein gives us a good idea of a labor movement intent on helping spark a renaissance in Historic Milwaukee that is liniked with racial conciliation and job creation.

Howard Snyder is one of Milwaukee’s longest serving director of a community development corporation, on the northwest side. He offers some honest answers to basic questions that challenge some of Milwaukee’s leftist predispositions, including my own.

James Carlson suggests some ways to broaden the meaning of a business transaction beyond the specific “deal,” into the commonwealth realm.

Lynn Broaddus explains the power for the planet afforded by each aluminum can recycled.



Issa Boulos (Middle East Music Ensemble Founder University of Chicago: http://www.issaboulos.com/bio.html for bio sketch)

“Welcome to My Dream”

Harvey Taylor (Godsil’s Choice for Milwaukee Poet Laureate


“Writing a Letter”

Tony Oberbrunner (Key elder of the early Dean Movement and the ongoing “Dean movement”)

“Milwaukee Color Line 1940s”

John Lunz (Chair of Environmental Committee of Park People, Key Leader Save the Lakefront Coalition)

“Good Jobs and Livable Neighborhoods”

John Goldstein (Pres. AFL-CIO of Milwaukee)

“Howard Snyder Interviewed”

Howard Snyder (Most Enduring Director of Community Development Corporation in Milwaukee)

“Blending Social Enterprise”

James Carlson (Founder and Executive Director of Bucketworks)

“Confessions of a Recyler”

Lynn Broaddus (Environmental Leader, Ex. Dir., Friends of Milwaukee Rivers)


Bill Sell (Founder Bay_View_Matters and Bike the Hoan, writer “Bay View Compass,” and more)
Jason Lange (cartoonist for “Currents” , creator of “Riverwurst” Comix)
Cleo Pruitt (Soldiers Home/NAACP Bridge Building)
Virginia Cassel (Co-Founder Milwaukee Preservation Alliance, Soon to Launch School for Young Women)
Sarah Dollhausen (One of Key Leaders and Promoter of Latino Community Center and more)
Sandy Folaron (Key person of Save the Soldiers Home Movement and more)
Tony Oberbrunner (Key elder of the early Dean Movement and the ongoing “Dean movement”)
Issa Boulos (http://www.issaboulos.com/bio.html for bio sketch)
John Lunz (Chair of Environmental Committee of Park People, Key Leader Save the Lakefront Coalition)
Deb Ridgway (creative soul, environmental & community steward)
William Campbell (President, Black Student Union, MATC)
James Carlson On Line (Founder and Executive Director of Bucketworks)
Lynn Broaddus (Environmental Leader, Ex. Dir., Friends of Milwaukee Rivers)
Luna Simone
Josh Fraundorf (Head of Community Roofing & Restoration, Inc. Residential Division)
Megan Wines Godsil
Erik Lindberg (Owner, Community Building and Restoration, Ph.D. in English Literature)
John Goldstein (Pres. AFL-CIO of Milwaukee)
Larraine Mc Namara Mc Graw
Jim Spice On Line
Harvey Taylor On Line
Tracey Sperko (Wisconsin Coordinator, Veterans for Progress)
Steve Watrous
Theo Lipscomb
Howard Snyder


Seeking any finance capital, cultural capital, or social capital offered in keeping with the “Way.”


It is quite possible that one paragraph per year from contributor Alpha would be worth one hundred pages from contributor Omega.

Please consider signing on as a Nanosecond Contributor.

This means that one offering per year of, let’s say, one paragraph, is enough for the good cause.

Key to this cause is simply the “attention” throughout the year of people fighting the good fight that there is a place for “voice” to get out the good word.

“Let your throat-song
be clear and strong enough

to amke an emperor fall full-length
suppliant, at the door.” -Rumi

“Birdsong brings relief
to my longing.

I am just as ecstatic as they are,
but with nothing to say!

Please, universal soul, practice
some song, or something, through me! -Rumi

May the Blessing of God rest upon you,
May God’s peace abide with you, and,
May the presence of God illuminate your heart now and forevermore,


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