Milwaukee OnLine Journal Of Social Enterprise

The Milwaukee Renaissance is, when you get right down to it, the work that’s being done each week by people who are fighting the good fight to foster “the good life” and “the way” in our fair city.

I would like to invite the “renaissance players” of Milwaukee like yourself to allow some of us to cull your best on-line offerings for inclusion in a Wiki Weekly Bucketworks Journal on the Milwaukee Renaissance.

Why not make a “renaissance” over the next 3 generations in Milwaukee?

Think of what good that could come from Milwaukee!

Why not accelerate our access to lots of good things our fellow citizens who like to write are up to?

Why not see weekly on-line pictures of these greater workers and their projects?

Reflect a while on the incredible story of our respective ancestors in Milwaukee and from whence they came. Is it not possible that we, standing on their shoulders, have the wherewiththal to imagine that our weekly projects constitute contributions to that comination of projects that are considered worthy of the designation “Historic Milwaukee Renaissance Projects?”

Want to let some of us harvest your weekly writings for the feast that could be a Wiki Weekly on the Milwaukee Renaissance?

We could also have some on-line conversations and some wiki-enhanced social contracts to figure out ways to create incentive systems that found us rewarding one another, at this stage, from the easy principle, “from each according to our abilities, to each according to our contribution.”

With wiki powers it will be easy to have conversations about what part of each projects “surplus” should go to those who handled what links on the chain of value added human labor and goods; what is the value of that contribution. Or, we might simply assing some hourly wage for whoever handles this or that. The key point, in my mind, is that with wiki it is not so daunting to imagine fine grained decision rules, standard operating procedures, and distribution rules being developed without tortuous meetings and whaling and gnashing of teeth. We may well be the insance asylum of the universe, as Professor Whoops has hyppothesized. With wiki powers, however, we stand a chance to break through from the shadows of madness to the bright light of just and beautiful days.

We can do some of this at drumming circles this winter at Timbuktu. Or perhaps while taking some winter walks at the Soldiers Home, with us dressed well enough so the cold is embracing.

What say?

Clear sailing,


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