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We are the movement behind your mission
we great many, silent might,
who carry buckets of skill
passion, and conviction

unite to bear what you wish made real
in each listening, we partner
our ears to minds, and our eyes to faces
hands to handles, we carry
and move
with open grace
the inspiration
from the well
to your achievements.

That is what I would like to have as the mission statement of Bucketworks.

A place where you walk in the door, express in language your mission, and engage the massive and powerful engine of the thoughtful diversity of the many participants in its advancement. Really, why not? What if you walked in a church, and the first thing the presiding officer of the faith said was “What brings you towards your fullest emergence?” and upon hearing your answer, engages the whole of the congregation towards its realization? What would happen of religion then? Surely, all the many minds of the weekly mass, applied momentarily to the simultaneous effort, would move mountains in minutes to match your motivation?

Imagine me a goal that five hundred people engaged in whole-heartedly, with faith to match belief in the real result, could not make real. Is there? How could five hundred times as many stars as there are in the galaxy networks of neurons—five hundred brains folded from experience and skill diverse and unique—ever fail?

We awkwardly moving millions have made nations—roughly. What could only five hundred do, moving in sync together, spreading value evenly, contained in the covenant of their trust? We know that they can make companies, organizations, books, products, all without trust; can they make meaningful moments with trust?

Why can’t missions be poems with room for the people in their dance?


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