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Milwaukee OnLine Journal Of Social Enterprise

I Sit and Look Out

I sit and look out,
And what do I see?
This vision of high school
In front of me.

I see in the spaces, of tired black faces, the fear of new places, and unknowing races.

Scared children hiding

Behind the word -

Unhearing parents

Who canít wait to -
let go

Some kids just trying

To find something -

Others who canít wait

To get out that -

Tired teachers, sinking slowly, hanging hardly, hoping wholly,
Silly students, cutting classes, slipping slyly, through the hallway,

I see before me, sights not for me,

Hatred, hurting,
Forceful flirting,
Ranking, ribbing,
Filthy fibbing

Must this be a part of living?

I see all this and wonder why,
We try to make each other cry,
When each and every one, no less,
Simply longs for happiness.


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