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February, 2005 Offerings



  • IssaBoulos (Middle East Music Ensemble Founder University of Chicago: for bio sketch)
  • Issa Boulos’s love poem is preceded by prose describing his life in Ramallah that gave rise to this love he beautifully portrays.

“Welcome to My Dream”

  • HarveyTaylor (Godsil’s Choice for Milwaukee Poet Laureate)
  • Harvey Taylor’s offering suggests the thought that Rumi and Hafiz somehow have a Milwaukee child in the person of this giant, genial, expansive longshoreman Riverwest poet.



“Writing a Letter”

  • TonyOberbrunner (Key elder of the early Dean Movement and the ongoing “Dean movement”)
  • Tony Oberbrunner very clearly warns us that the Bush’s Social Security plans will profoundly change our nation’s social contract in very bad ways.

“Milwaukee Color Line 1940s”

  • JohnLunz (Chair of Environmental Committee of Park People, Key Leader Save the Lakefront Coalition)
  • John Lunz is a navy veteran, electrical engineer, and unsung hero of the environmental movement, who offers a moving personal essay on the “color line” in Milwaukee back to the 1940s.

“Good Jobs and Livable Neighborhoods”

  • JohnGoldstein (Pres. AFL-CIO of Milwaukee)
  • John Goldstein gives us a good idea of a labor movement intent on helping spark a renaissance in Historic Milwaukee that is liniked with racial conciliation and job creation.

“Howard Snyder Interviewed”

  • HowardSnyder (Most Enduring Director of Community Development Corporation in Milwaukee)
  • Howard Snyder is one of Milwaukee’s longest serving director of a community development corporation, on the northwest side. He offers some honest answers to basic questions that challenge some of Milwaukee’s leftist predispositions, including my own.

“Blending Social Enterprise”

  • JamesCarlson (Founder and Executive Director of Bucketworks)
  • James Carlson suggests some ways to broaden the meaning of a business transaction beyond the specific “deal,” into the commonwealth realm.

“Confessions of a Recyler”

  • LynnBroaddus (Environmental Leader, Ex. Dir., Friends of Milwaukee Rivers)
  • Lynn Broaddus explains the power for the planet afforded by each aluminum can recycled.

February Offering

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