Milwaukee Preservation Alliance
P.O. Box 510642
Milwaukee, WI 53203 - 0111

December 8, 2006

Common Council President Willie Hines, Jr.
City of Milwaukee Common Council
City Hall
200 East Wells Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Dear President Hines:

The Milwaukee Preservation Alliance is pleased to join other community groups and organizations in supporting The Brewery Project LLC’s request for TIF financing for the redevelopment of the former Pabst Brewery complex.

We believe that this project will make a significant contribution to the economic growth of the downtown area and the City of Milwaukee. This development will add a new neighborhood that has the potential to contribute significantly to the creation of new jobs, expanded economic opportunities, broaden downtown commercial space, development of new housing west of the river, establish an international training center, as well as increase international trade opportunities and the potential to provide research facilities for companies both large and small.

The brewing industry in Milwaukee has significantly changed, and the impact has been felt both economically and psychologically. But the legacy still lives on, especially in the signature buildings of the Pabst Brewing complex. These historic buildings still are what give Milwaukee its identity, long after the flow of beer has ceased.

The Milwaukee Preservation Alliance supports the efforts of Mr. Zilber and his organization, Towne Investments, to renew and invigorate this blighted area for our community and use it as a strong example of the potential for economic development that can be found in the City of Milwaukee.

We urge your support of the TIF package, which will aid in the realization of this critical area of Milwaukee. Let us ensure that the legacy of the Pabst brew masters that began over 100 years ago, continue in the adaptive reuse of these historic buildings so that our current and future generations can live, work and play in a piece of Milwaukee history!


Denise L. Hice
President ~ Milwaukee Preservation Alliance

cc: Alderman Robert Bauman

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