Fearless of My Ignorance! Unafraid to ask.

Agora Story Circle Seed Gardens

Growing circles first of attention
And evolving awareness.

Shoots of conversation circles
Organically unfolding.

Buds of experimental collaboration circles,
Some surviving from the profusion.

Becoming circles of intimacy,
And glimpses of Love.

Story Circles growing souls
And beloved communities.


May I share your story circle email
Narrow cast, edited to entire?

It’s an important document
For the good cause.

Work It Name It

What I contextually and chaordically calling the Loeb Fellows, Pratt Family, Sweet Water, and Backstreet Harvard New School Garage is informed by arrestingly brilliant Big Mike, on the other line in Chicago rising up from Chicago’s Perry Ave Sweet Water Commons.

Emmanuel Pratt and Micheal Reynolds Conversation Moment

[[ |
Stephen Ervin and Emmanuel Pratt


[[ |
Emmanuel Pratt and James Godsil


Rachel Godsil and James Godsil

[[ |
James Godsil and Jeff Eagan


Ryan Schone and Jeff Eagan

Democratzing HGSD In The Boston Think Do Garage

@Pratt Sweet Water Backstreet Harvard Garage.

A Place of Metis Flows w. Chicago Boston NYC and DC As One

Grounded Visionary Co Lab

May 11 Frederick Douglas Back At Harvard

A Master Mind Sharing 3 Knowledge Expression T ool

It’s a knowledge tool and ritual
That materially enbodies all
Foundational Knowledge Realms

The Mimetic

The Story “Myths”

The Theoretical Analytic

We The Publics

As discussed with each of you, I’m currently working on a living installation/exhibit entitled “We the Publics…” and kindly request your contribution of one quote or series of questions/prompts which will inform the direction and ongoing evolution of the piece. This living installation is currently based in the Boston/ Cambridge area and will begin to be translated in various iterations to Chicago, Detroit, NY, San Fran, and a network of other cities over the course of the year.

“We the Publics…” is the result of a series of discussions between a network of other like-minded Solutionary individuals/collectives regarding the state of humanitarian, ecological, and political crises (climate change, xenophobia, police brutality, are sadly but a few of far too many to list).

At its core, “We the Publics…” is a provocation, a proclamation, and a call for participatory action as a direct response to the steady erosion of Publics over the last century that has accelerated at warp speed. In these times filled with uncertainty and countless distractions about “fake news” and “alternative facts,” this experiment is a small step towards the protection, restoration, and reclamation of the Publics as paramount not only to American democracy, but ultimately peace and life on our planet.

In an effort to address the dire need to regain focus on the foundational importance of democracy and truth as found across the various intersections of Publics, we began by revisiting the Declaration of Independence and seek to document a manifesto with a collective vision of a sustainable future. We then collectively agreed to translate the manifesto typographically into a visual installation launched on the “Experiment’s” wall in a public space within the Harvard GSD. By placing the subject of Publics into a network of public space(s), we are aiming to facilitate a national discourse that builds upon a common platform that will serve as a prompt for others to contribute, respond, and ultimately act.

The installation is designed to evolve from week to week based upon contributions received each week. Contributions will be added each week layering over time.

Based on the series of conversations, we are designing a series of Public Talks/ & Solutionary Workshop series to evolve in April that will translate into physical installations. For example, one of the events will include a design/build public event in Mattapan near end of May transforming an empty housing site into a public space for garden,education,and community driven by the Urban Farming Institute as supported by Sweet Water Foundation.

We have also scheduled a large public event at the Africa Meeting House (http://maah.org/site14.htm) for May 11th 5:30pm-8:30pm. Just to offer a bit more context on the historic importance of this space, the African Meeting House was built in 1806 in what once was the heart of Boston’s 19th century free black community. List of speakers at the African Meeting House have included William Lloyd Garrison , Maria Stewart, Frederick Douglass, Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and many other historic leaders in the Abolitionist Movement who were responsible for monumental historical events that changed this nation. Please see pics attached for examples of the space.

A series of similar and related iterations of workshops and events will be translated to select sites in Chicago throughout the summer and throughout the remainder of the year as part of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Any contributions you might offer will be greatly welcomed, celebrated, and much appreciated!

All the very best,


For the history books, the email blast included :
Jeanne Gang & Claire Cahan (Studio Gang Architects)
Michael Murphy (MASS Design Group)
Mike McCall (McCall Design Group)
Ceasar L McDowell (MIT)
Stephen Gray (Harvard)
Stephen Ervin)
Diane Davis (Harvard)
John Peterson (Loeb Fellows)
James Godsil (Sweet Water Academy)
Felicia Fonseca (Loeb Fellows)
Tania Biguera (Radcliffe Fellows)
Felicia Fonseca (Nieman Fellows)
Orrin Williams (UIC)
Dr. Atiya Martin (Chief Resilience Officer Boston)

2015 Rural Arts and Culture Movement Chronicle Sharing

I would appreciate your thoughts about a graphic program that makes this worthy of
sharing at a The Rural Arts and Culture Summit, U. of Minnesota-Morris


Campus Teach Ins
Peace Vigils
Open Housing Marches


Small Is Beautiful Self Managed Economics
Radical Reform for Old Neighborhood Rainbowing
Artist/Artisan Restoration Coops & Guilds


City Parks As Working Class Country Clubs
Day Care Centers and Schools In Workplaces
Winter Gigs Down South For Snowbird Artisans


Digital Empowerment For Historic Preservation
and Community Organizing


Institutionalize Charisma Of Will Allen’s Good Food Revolution
Wiki Empower Old City “Renaissance” Movements
10,000 Food Gardens In Milwaukee Homes & Vacant Lots
Save The Bonobos and the Soldiers Home


Commercialize, Democratize, Globalize Aquaponics & Urban Ag
Transform Old Factories Into Multi-use Innovation Centers


10,000 Digitally Enhanced Aquaponics School Demos For Life Long Learners
eChoupal and Mitra Hole In The Wall Culture Stands In Every City
Fermentation Fest Trumps Burning Man
Aquaponics As Living Art For Airports, Museums, Restaurants, Linked To Peripheries
10,000 Digital and Healing Enhanced Integral Urban and Rural Airbnbs for Learning Vacations

Harvesting 70th Birthdays For “The Movements”

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