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Listen Boomer!

Listen Boomer!

You have some new possibilities to consider,
Now that you’ve raised your children,
Honored your first career calling,
Have more space and time than you can use,
Retain some of your youthful energy and visions,
Can learn new things and yet enjoy
Fighting the good fight in perfect pitch with your essence.

Team up with some millennials!

Harvest some of the space in your house or income property
For some ecopreneur adventures, starting with urban ag.

​Explore collaborating with a millennial or two, who can teach you
How to transform your fruit and veggie wastes, coffee grounds, egg shells,
Lawn clippings, leaves—and neighbors leaves—into compost.

Then add red wriggler worms to this mix and become a worm farmer.
In space #1. Consider a place to experiment with micro greens, space #2,
And soon you’ll be doing wheat grass smoothies. Tie me down!

With your excellent soil in the making you and your millennial partners
Can begin your micro-farm for fresh food daily, elevating to a
Front yard food garden as art and back yard hoop house for
Extending the growing season. Space #3.

As time and laborpower bring bounty and confidence,
You and your team, which could be expanding if you wish,
(Especially if harvest potlucks are added)​

​Might construct an aquaponics demo, a digital conferencing room,
Or even a makers/tinkerers garage or basement room. Space #4–6.

And Air Bnb or hostel space. #7!

Worthy work mindful of the 7th generation to come!

Connect your experiment, with the power of the internet,
With other ecopreneur adventures across your city, region,
And even, as with the Heart Haus, with the worlds beyond.

Why not?

Listen Millennial!

You have some new possibilities to consider,
Now that you’ve learned to read, write, work, and create,
Met some friends with complimentary resources,
Realized that there are not straight lines to the prize,
And that the prize is more than just a job to pay the bills.

Team up with some boomers!

Explore collaborating with a boomer or two, who can provide you with
Some space in which to develop some skills advancing food sovereignty,
And some pro-bono labor power support, not just their own,
But with their many resourced boomer family and friendship circles.

Start with small collaborations that build trust and ease of communication,
Providing willing boomers, who can play well in the sandbox, with
New skills you’ve learned and can share, like worm ranching, food gardens,
Aquaponics, and digital empowerment and connecting far and wide.

Your boomer “partners” can be the first clients of your eco-start up,
Might provide more than space and gratis labor, i.e. green dollars
Commensurate with their station and your advance.

Asset Based Sequential Development model suggests you start small,
Win some victories with the resources at hand, build upon them,
Spread the word, do the right thing, have fun, and make some history!

Why not?


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