Euclid House, i.e. 325, came into my life in 2002, as a place for the final lap of my child rearing rounds. Not soon after moving to this Bay View worker house about 100 years old, I discovered that the magnificent Basilica of St. Josephat, a 5 minute drive from 325, was open to the public during week day working hours. I decided to weave my efforts to develop a kind of artisinal restoration “guild” and advance the historic preservation cause into the introduction of the Basilica’s power and beauty to some of my activist and intellectual friends. From these gatherings emerged the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance MPA.

I harvested the power of group emails in a little room on the side of the dining room and blended the MPA work into what I called the Bay View Renaissance project. Bill Sell, the luckiest man in Bay View, elevated my commitment to introduce parts of the Riverwest “meme,” like the Riverwest email network, into the Bay View Matters yahoo group…which sparked the Bay View Neighborhood Association…which grew the Bay View Bash on KK…what awakened the region to the Bay View Renaissance! When Bill, Tegan Dowling, and I learned wiki power from James Carlson at Bucketworks, the tiny side room because “the office” of the Milwaukee Renaissance Movement Resource and Magazine.

As the Milwaukee Renaissance House, 325, now wiki empowered, created virtual “desks” for a number of important projects:

Heroes to begin with: Sandy Folaron; Cleo Pruitt; Teg Whaley; Bob Trimmier; Whitney Gould; Laura Rinaldi; Pat Lynch; Rocky Marcoux; General Bob Cockroft; Teju; Tom Barrett; Gwen Moore;

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