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Susan Bence Lake Effect Show On Sweet Water Foundation’s Integral Urban House Partnership With Ben Koller’s Heart Haus

Mother Earth News Review

There is an excellent Mother Earth News review of the book and the project(below), which mentions a couple of other such efforts back in 1976.

Eco-house in London and Project Ouroboros in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Parallel Concept: Blue Green Work Homes

Boomer Millennial Blue Green Work Homes

Blue Green Work Homes now involves a vision of empty nesting boomers or single boomers with more space than they need in their homes, yards, and garages, partnering with millennials who would like to move out of their parents’ home, get training and hands on experience in practical fields like food production, old home restoration and greening transformation, teaching, small business and/or enterprise start-ups, social media and internet empowerment, writing/public speaking, digital training/credentialing, etc.

Here are some people who could profit from these “New Homes” Married to Victory Garden Movement

and more.

Some Practical Skill Sets for Transitioning Millennial
(especially our young men!)

much more depending on skills of boomer “partners”

Real value of project now is to get people talking about the wasted resources of oversize homes, grass lawns, skilled people, both youth and old, and precious water/nitrogen/sunshine, needing something different than what now exists.

An Alternative to $100,000 College Loan Debt?

Web-enabled cellphones and tablets are creating vast new possibilities to bring high-quality, low-cost education to every community college and public school so people can afford to acquire the skills to learn 21st-century jobs. Cloud computing is giving anyone with a creative spark cheap, powerful tools to start a company with very little money. And dramatically low interest rates mean we can borrow to build new infrastructure — and make money.

Partners Poised to Explore The Project: Lets Start With Our Engaged Scholars

There are a number of engaged university professors poised to team up with this, not only for the sake of their students and their research projects, but also because many of them are either boomers or have children who need something like that which this proposes.

Blue Green Work House Morphed Into Ben Koller’s Heart Haus

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