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Start Up Interview

​Question One. So today I learned while in your dental care that you have launched your own enterprise, which focuses on helping people heal their skin…with an emphasis on facial skin care. Might you share the story of this worthy marriage of vital facial features, our teeth and our skin!

Jackie. I have been a dental hygienist(RDH) for 16 years. Over the past 5 years I have learned that my body can not take the physical demands of working a 40 hour clinical work week. Working as a clinical RDH is tough on the back, shoulders, neck, hands, wrist, fingers and intense mind focus. At least for me. :) I have a passion for helping my dental patients, but I knew I needed a plan B for my life and business intrigues me. I like the idea of being my own boss and getting paid for my hard work efforts. God led me to Rodan + Fields. My story of starting my Rodan + Fields business goes like this. Full story at

Last year was an emotional roller coaster ride of a year for me. I found my dream RDH job working with Dr. Katherine Kircher (in Shorewood) in April 2013. I also got married May 2013. Fast forward 6 months when I realized my marriage was ending. My friend Cristy, who also is a RDH, invited me to come live with her and her husband as they knew I needed a place to stay while going through that difficult time. In the first few weeks while living with Cristy- she was always on the phone listening to training calls for Rodan + Fields(RF). I knew Cristy had started a business a few months prior, I knew RF was skincare, but that’s all I really knew. So I started to ask her questions about her business, as I was curious to learn what income she was making with her business. Cristy works full time as a RDH and works her business on the side. Having personal experience with a skincare business I had a few years ago, I knew about residual income and I was eager to learn about this company’s business model. With divorce I knew I was going to need to work more to become financially stable for my future. I knew I did not want to have to work extra RDH hours(physically demanding), but I also wanted to be smart about the time I put into what I did to earn more money for myself. I know I am a hard worker and I am smart, so I started to pray to God for help in guiding me on what I was to do.

After a conference call and learning more about who Dr. Rodan + Dr. Fields were (most people know of them as the two dermatologists who created Proactiv) and using the products and more prayers, I felt God was leading me to start my business with Rodan + Fields. The company’s mission is Changing skin Changing Lives. During this time while learning more about RF, I read a book Called Rock Your Networking Marketing Business by Sarah Robbins. Sarah is one of the top income earners for RF and learning more about the path her life has gone on since starting her business 5 years ago ( Sarah and her husband Phil have been able to build/fund an orphanage for children in India and give to so many other charities) and their passion to share God’s word with other’s, I knew this Company was calling my name. I wanted to be a part of something bigger then just the ordinary life I was living! While doing my due diligence, I learned about the companies Prescription for Change foundation and learning how other business owners (Independent Consultants’s of the company) had worked with local charities (e.g.: The Salvation Army) to help those in need. My vision is to help provide dental care to those in need. I was looking for a vehicle for change, something that would help me gain financially stability and one day give me financial freedom that would also allow me to bless others along the way. In December 2013, my vision was clear, and I jumped in and started my business with Rodan + Fields.

So knowing my purpose in life is to help others, my business has lead me to seeing that I can help others in so many different ways. I feel God has gifted me with the skill to treat my dental patients. I also see he has gifted me with the ability to love others, help others. I am a strong independent women, not afraid to work hard and learn new things.With my business, I am learning a lot. I got the vision while sitting in a dental class that I should help share these Rodan + Fields products with dental patients. I see people every day who could benefit from changing their skin. Now it’s just figuring out how to share my vision with other dental professionals. Still working on this. In the meantime, I am sharing Rodan + Fields products and the business opportunity with anyone I can. I believe in these products, I believe in these two Doctors and their mission and I am excited to be a part of their mission. I am also excited to think about how one day when I grow my business enough that financially I will be able to partner with other passionate people who would want to provide dental care to those in need. Dream Big, Make a Difference, Help Others!

Jackie Weisser RDH
LV1 Executive Consultant
Rodan + Fields
To View Products: www.jackierandfskincare.myrandf.com
email: jackierandfskincare@gmail.com
cell #: 414–840–5050

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