Fall 2014 Introduction

Over the past year, SWF has recently acquired and developed the 2 Acre Perry Ave Community Farm (situated on an abandoned lot which used to be a school site) and has a new headquarters at the Think-Do House ( a formerly abandoned/foreclosed 3 bedroom House).

As part of the agreement with the City of Chicago/Alderman/Mayor, the terms of use are that both the Farm and the House are to be utilized for the purpose of Urban Farm Education and Cultural Arts in alignment with our work with STE[A+]M education. Whole Foods has also expressed interest in supporting and partnering with the Perry Ave site given our close proximity to their new store which will be located at 63rd & Halsted(less than 4 minutes away from the farm and house).

By the way, I’m in the photo of the groundbreaking story.

Both the Farm and the House were recently highlighted by Chicago Art Month and Chicago Ideas Week.

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