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This space devoted to advancing the concept and cause of “Guilds.”

I hope Community Building and Restoration and Arttig Art Products constitute, along with Josh Fraundorf and Associates at Community Roofing & Restoration, Inc., and restoration architect Charles Kiker, some kind of embryonic Restoration, Artist, and Knowledge Workers Guild, homed at the Soldiers Home, Pabst Village, and Boys Tech, three magnificent, threatned historic buildings.

I can imagine Virginia Cassel teaming up in this project to great effect, perhaps starting with some experimental collaborations with Erik Lindberg. Virginia has resources like hands-on restoration work in most fields; people to people organizing, coordinating, and partnering across many fields; a small highschool of young women in the making. Erik has tons of work to team up with Virginia around, starting with some hands-on challenges that would afford conversation around broader themes as well as pushing the work through competently. Virginia could help Community Building and Restoration become wiki empowered.
Erik has been the key organizer of a restoration and remodel corporation that has the promise of $500,000 per year on of these days, if not this year.

Erik Lindberg

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