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Visit our main website at www.streetbeacon.com for more content, new news, and regular content updates.

As of March 27th, our main website is up and running. Please update your bookmarks and check www.streetbeacon.com often, as we are in the process of adding more content and links. You may also subscribe with RSS, and/or leave comments.

We would also be happy to give free accounts to our website in order so community members may also contribute news and write stories. See our main page for details.

This website wiki will serve as an alternate way and even, an anonymous way, to reach us, post comments, suggestions and any other kind of input. We will simultaneously publish some information here from our main webpage at www.streetbeacon.com.

Read about us in the Shepherd Express (December 7, 2006): Building Awareness of Milwaukee’s West Side

The Milwaukee Street Beacon is a conglomeration of: homeless; impovershed; housed citizens; local Marquette University members; local Milwaukee Area Technical College members; and others united to better inform those around us of the situation impoverished members of the community are facing in Milwaukee. We also aim to provide community news to those without a community newspaper in the Avenues West community.

Please feel free to join and discuss urban issues with us or inquire about ways to help out where you live. You can reach us by email at: msbstaff@yahoo.com Alternatively, you can leave a voicemail or fax us at: 206666–5464.

Visit: www.nasna.org, for more information about street newspapers. A key point about our paper is that it is sold on the streets by the local homeless or impoverished members of the community who are able to keep 75 percent of their profits.

Here you may also read our most recent edition, available in a web optimized three megabyte pdf file. In between our editions, we may also post news, which will be listed below and ideally on the main page under the banner of the Milwaukee Street Beacon. As a courtesy, we may post articles from our most current edition as well — before or during our newest publication time.

Due to the startup nature of our group, we cannot offer subscriptions yet. More information is at www.streetbeacon.com

We also welcome any support people in the community would like to provide since we are just starting up.

Advertisers, right click here to view/download our media kit.

Complete Electronic Editions

(Right click on the link and select “save link as” to save to your desktop. Then open the document with Adobe Acrobat, a free program already installed on most computers. This is a large document, so it may take a minute or two to open.)

First Edition (Over Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week) Nov 13, 2006

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