This is a place to store information about the preliminarily named Milwaukee Urban Agriculture Council, or, perhaps

  • Milwaukee Urban Agriculture Network(MUAN)

Minutes from the February 20, 2007 meeting are being worked on and will be up in early March so stay tuned!

Here’s a web site with much information to help the cause…

Please know that this is a wiki web site designed to encourage your “voice” in this common enterprise. You can offer your thoughts, photos, poetry or prose at this site by adding to the new page that will appear when you click the “edit” button at the top of this page. Enter your information and/or images, type your name in the author box, and click on “save.” Let me know if you need help or would like more extensive on-line or in-person lessons.

We welcome your “voice!”

Volunteer Opportunities
Food Reclamation Society
Green Media Consortium
Green Restoration Projects
Urban Aquaculture Center
Urban Villages
schoolyard movement and schoolyardproject

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