Report from San Francisco’s Municipal Composting

I just got back from San Francisco and their city composting seems to
be going great. I know some landlords of larger apartments are not
doing but there are green carts everywhere for compost. It is super
cool! when I worked there 6 years ago all the big hotels and
resturants had already started composting. there was no garden at the
moment at city hall though, but chicken in my friends back yard with
fresh eggs.

here is the city info link about the compost
found this loink to interesting:


Krista’s Great Letter

I was in Toronto last year, and found that residents have their food waste collected by the city, for local composting. There are a series of papers and notes about this issue, for such a large metro area. Not sure you already know this.

Krista McCain
MSOM LAc BSNutrition
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Any Model Legislation or Progress Reports re Municipal Composing Projects?

Dear All,

Does anyone have any legislative language or progress report regarding any city’s progress toward the municipal composting vision in Pollan’s NYT article?

Julilly Kohler, one of the founders of the Milwaukee Urban Agriculture Network(MUAN), is fired up about this idea and will be working to inspire Milwaukee’s Mayor Barrett to sign on and connect municipal composting with victory garden intiative.

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Eva Agudelo Replies

Check out The Intervale Center in Burlington, VT. They were initially subsidized by the city to start a composting operation about 15 years ago. Currently they’ve had to halt their operation because of a recently discovered burial ground…but they had it down for awhile. They do consulting.
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Kimberley Hodgson Replies

You may want to look at King County, Washington’s curbside food scrap
composting program
.asp). In addition, the website lists other cities across the country
.asp#cities) engaging in curbside food scrap composting. The County’s
Solid Waste Transfer and Management Plan can be found at
asp. And last but not least, one more resource

Kimberley Hodgson, MURP, MS, RD
Program Development Associate
Planning & Community Health Research Center
American Planning Association
1776 Massachusetts Ave NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036
202.872.0611 (phone)
202.872.0643 (fax)
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Larita Cosechara Replies

Not sure about the legislative perspective, but Intervale in Burlington,
VT has a great large scale industrial and residential compost facility.
Check that out if you’re not familiar. Enjoy Autumn!
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Johanna Kolodny Replies

the city of san francisco composts. when i lived there buildings had compost bins that were picked up by the city. don’t know of any reports off the the top of my head but i’m sure they exist.
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Francois Medion Replies

Duluth MN has a program composting commercial and some residential foodwaste.
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