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Godsil Back Re NAACP & USA Astonished at Milwaukee’s Welcoming Performance at NAACP National Convention in Milwaukee, July 9–14

Hey Paul,

You are the first of about 1,000 people offering to help with the NAACP Soldiers Home “New Birth of Freedom Tribute!”

We are going to set up a Web Page to track the work of the Elders from the War on Poverty for this great cause.

The ambition is to get a minimum contribution of $5 from as many of those fine folks as possible, a maximum contribution of their help in so brilliantly setting the stage for a resoundingly successful Milwaukee welcome of the 10,000 NAACP conventioneers that the nation apologizes to Milwaukee for constantly painting us as a backward, racist, redneck city and some of the NAACP folks decide to invest in the Milwaukee Internet Empowerment of the Working and Creative Classes Toward Erasing the Digital Divide.

So the first way you could help is by learning to enter a paragraph on this wiki site, which I will talk about in my next letter to you.

A second way would be for you to let me know who would best be approached for help in rounding up the $5 or more contributions, from the following list. I would also appreciate a strategic concept on the most thoughtful way to win those $5 buck+contributions.

Katie Kiedrowski George Gerharz Ed jj Olson Hiram Shaw
Lee Holloway Ernesto Chacon Cynthia Pitts Jimmi Givings
J.Jones-Robinson Marianne McNulty Tom Wms(SS) Larry Harwell
J.Severson Jack Gleason Connie Panagis Lou Walker . T.Grace Erv Henderson Sarah Dean Bob Shortreed
T. Oberbrunner Marie Crockett Dennis Conta Fred Lennarsen
J. Ignace Laurie Wynn Dann Conta Ralph Goebel

                                         	Rita Dielen                        	Ken Herro
                                       	Minnie Green
                                      	Sheila O’Shea
                                       	Luis Salazar(if you
                                                   can find him)

Don Sykes Jackie Lawrence Rosalie Tryon
Wm Clay Karl Pnazek Byron Malsin
Ralph Hollman Thor Wmson Dick Flintrop
Ed Bolton Tom White Carol Murphy/?
Jennetta Robinson Noel Ryder Deb Groban
June Perry Mary Fitzgerald Jerry Drahos
Wes Scott David Duran(if you
J.Komasarek’swife can find him)
Bernard Benn
Mary Champagne
Lee Foley

A third way is to begin focusing on a vision of Baraka Obama delivering the keynote address at the NAACP Soldiers Home Tribute, entitled “A New Birth of Freedom.” Then start telling people you know who know people who know Baraka about this great opportunity to help honor forgotten minority soldiers, help the NAACP, help Milwaukee, and, in so doing, help advance the good cause you and all of these folks have committed their work lives to.

Thanks for your attention, your encouragement, and whatever support for this worthy cause you can offer.

Clear sailing,


P.S. Pictures will follow someday also.

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