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December 4, 2004 Cleo Pruitt, Jerry Ann Hamilton and Tony Fikes at the Milwaukee Soldiers Home, at the dawn of a Grand Alliance to Save the Soldiers Home. The Soldiers Home is located at the west end of the Menomonee Valley, just to the west of the Hank Aaron Trial and Miller Park.

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Cleo Pruitt has recently submitted a proposal for a “New Birth of Freedom in Milwaukee,” representing the Milwaukee Community Alliance Group. Sandy Folaron and James Godsil helped Ms. Pruitt prepare this document.

Jerry Ann Hamilton and Louie Fawkes are the President and First Vice President of the Milwaukee Chapter of the NAACP, respectively.

Ms. Hamilton and Mr. Fikes have been meeting every week with a Blue Ribbon Committee of Milwaukee public and private enterprises to prepare for the NAACP National Convention in Milwaukee, July 9 - July 14, 2005.

Cleo Pruitt, Sandy Folaron, and James Godsil have been working with Laura Rinaldi, Patricia Lynch, Bob Trimmier, and many others to be honored down the line (SignOnHere) in the Save the Soldiers Home Movement.

Attach: Darlene Rose, Brandon Adams, and Cleo Pruitt at the Soldiers Home NAACP Blue Ribbon Committee Meeting, December 4, 2004 Wadsworth Library

Today marked the occasion of a plan to create a Grand Alliance to Welcome the NAACP National Conventioneers, Honor those who served, are serving and yet to serve, and launch a Milwaukee membership drive for the NAACP.

It is hoped that the National Leadership of the NAACP, including Julian Bond and Kweisi Mfume, will read and enthusiastically endorse the Community Alliance Group’s hope for a tribute to the great multitude of unrecognized African American and other minority veterans buried at Wood National Cemetery.

The Proposal for a New Birth of Freedom, authored by Cleo Pruitt for the Community Alliance Group, states that the NAACP’s National Convention in Milwaukee, July 2005, can make a substantial contribution to the Milwaukee’s Renaissance by sponsoring ceremony of sacred honor for our fallen ancestors. They are among those who “gave the last full measure of devotion” that this nation “shall have a new birth of freedom,” described by President Abraham Lincoln of Civil War dead at Gettysburg. A dedication at the Soldiers Home in a Milwaukee suburb would draw to the NAACP new membership from among students and citizens whose work best illuminates hope as the fruit of the sacrifices given.


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