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St. Louis World’s Fair 2004 and Milwaukee’s NAACP National Convention 2005

Dear All,

Because of the advanced manner in which we have harnessed the internet for our collective choices, Milwaukee citizens are more connected in civic conversation than perhaps any citizenry , ever, in a city of a half million.

  • Imagining that we are a creative citizenry standing on the shoulders of giants, i.e. our respective ancestors from every continent…

  • Might it now be possible, that we have the capacity to so brilliantly welcome the 10,000 delegates for the NAACP National Convention, Milwaukee, July 9 - July 14…

  • Such that the NAACP Milwaukee National Convention, 2005

  • Marks as profound a turning point in the city’s self-image and future…

  • As was the St. Louis World Fair of 2004,

  • Which my Father, born in 1909, talked about in glowing terms, until his untimely death, in 1981.

Might the bulk of this accomplishment derive from ideas swapped at a web site using the wiki software?

Creative conversation making history?

On-line forums, web sites, then crystallization at potlucks at numinous city places, e.g. Soldiers Home, Timbuktu, Avalon Theatre, various Churches, Serb Hall, Turners Hall, Bucketworks, and so forth.

Clear sailing
For a great civic moment,
The NAACP National Convention,
Milwaukee July 9–14, 2005


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