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Introducing the “Bay View Compass”(first draft by Jason Haas)

While the Bay View neighborhood has had a strong community for many decades, the monthly newspaper The Bay View Compass has helped make our community even stronger. Locally owned and operated papers like Compass provide an additional foundation for the community that cannot be found through most any other online or offline media source in this day and age when murder and weather is our only news. Instead, we have articles written by our friends, our neighbors, and even our children.

Some articles that come to mind are about Bay View’s former pigeon acing club—some hints of which (beyond pigeons) still are visible; Jay Bullock’s column about being a teacher at an MPS school (welcome to BVHS!); and the column Historic Bay View, which I find especially valuable as an amateur historian and proud citizen of Bay View. And people seem to dig the column that I write, “On The Street,” for which “I wander around Bay View, accost strangers, take their question and have them answer a picture.” [sic.]

Like any good Milwaukeean who knows that there’s no true ending to a good story, I will ask if have you seen the paper I write for, The Bay View Compass? It’s a great paper that I’m proud to be a part of. You can find a free copy of it on the first of each month at over 200 locations from North Avenue in Milwaukee south to College Avenue in Cudahy.” And it’s now online at bayviewcompass.com

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