Riverwest Co-Ops and Collectives

This letter is from Nici Schmidt, who is taking an Urban Anthropology Class at UWM, lives in Riverwest, and has a vision of considering parterning in mutual aid networks to create an organization that will:

  • curtail consumerism

by pioneering a system of knowledge sharing on a community wide scale that promotes self-sufficiency and

  • free workshops for skill and knowledge development

make it possible for community members to have direct participation in the construction of their environment. To do this I would like a series of regular free workshops to be organized in the community and facilitated by volunteer teachers or trades people about simple and practical living skills.

For example, there could be regular monthly workshops on basic car maintenance,
simple carpentry, canning, sewing, building a hotbox for an early garden, etc.

  • micro-bartering systems

I envision people learning from one another and gaining skills that can be used
in a reciprocal way. I hope also that this might inspire some sort of
micro-bartering system within the community. It would be a skill based
cooperative that supports an ethic of self-suffeciency and sharing.

Would anyone want to invite people very active in similar Riverwest self-help experiments to an on-line brainstorming around this theme? I just read an article in the “Riverwest Currents” by Jan Christensen about the Free Skool and Creme City Collective, which attracted about 50 people to a couple of meetings, set up committee structure, and more, around themes very similar to Nici’s vision above. — Godsil


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