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Backpocket Press Launched for New Milwaukee and Great Lakes Writers

I am partnering with Chris Ward to create paperback books modestly priced

that express the new spirit carrying, God willing, Milwaukee and the cities and countrysides of the Great Lakes into some new kind of civilization. Here is our first offering, “My Milwaukee,” by Olde Godsil.

“My Milwaukee”(2007)

“My Milwaukee” might be available at the Schwartz stores on KK in Bay View and on Downer on the Eastside, at People’s Bookstore on Locust and Maryland, the Riverwest Co-op on Fratney and Clarke, and Woodland Pattern on Locust in Riverwest. If they have run out or lost these lovely vanity publications, send an e-mail to If you ever get over to the Blueberry Pancake Moments at the Riverwest Co-op and Cafe, and if I can make enough as an elder roofer mentor apprentice city farmer peddler to afford it, I’ll pass a copy over to your use for a year, after which I would either appreciate your returning it or passing it along to someone who would be able to send me an e-mail letting me know they have it. Every mindful book written from the heart is sacred! As are my worms and soil! And readers!

Short Reviews of “My Milwaukee”

With About $300 You Can Publish 100 Copies of Your Own Vanity Book

Please e-mail to order copies($8 each). If you would like to consider publishing your works with Backpocket Press…just say so!

“My Milwaukee” at Schwartz Bookshop
On KK & Lincoln

Cover Portrait Painting for “My Milwaukee”
the “Soldier’s Home” by Shelby Keefe

Olde Godsil With Grandchildren

The poems in “My Milwaukee” can also be viewed on line at
Poetry, where they originally appeared. Included are…

Backroom Work

Olde Godsil “Special Guest” for Earth Poets 20th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration

Put in a good word for Earth
Mary-Liz Shaw
Posted: April 17, 2008

The 20th anniversary of the Earth Day Poets Celebration begins with readings and music at the Urban Ecology Center tonight, then moves to the Coffee House on Saturday for another session of readings.

Milwaukee poet Jeff Poniewaz started the first Earth Day Poets Celebration in 1988 in response to what he considered the anti-environmental policies of the Reagan administration.

Four of the poets who participated in that original Earth Day event continue to read from their works for the celebration every year. They are Poniewaz, whose book “Dolphin Leaping in the Milky Way” was praised by Allen Ginsberg; Suzanne Rosenblatt, who is also a visual artist; Louisa Loveridge-Gallas; and Harvey Taylor, who works as a longshoreman to maintain his life as a poet.

Among the other poets and musicians performing at the anniversary program are percussionist Jahmes Finlayson, who also has performed extensively with Ko-Thi Dance Company; Holly Haebig, who performs regularly with One Drum; and James Godsil, a poet who has formed the collaborative Web site,

The celebration starts at 7 tonight at the Urban Ecology Center, 1500 E. Park Place. Admission is $5 per person, $10 per family. A second reading and performance is at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Coffee House, 631 N. 19th St. Suggested donation is $5, with money raised going to the Earth Poets and Musicians outreach project and

Chaordic Collection for “Special Guest” of the Earth Poets Readingsat the Urban Ecology Center and The Coffee House, April 18 and 19th, 2008

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