POLYMORPHe PUPPETRY Co. has been formed out of the interest created by its premiere performance ‘Because You Vote’, produced as a part of Milwaukee’s ‘My Vote Performs’ project: http://www.myvoteperforms.com/ This show focused on the animals of the earth speaking out for recognition of the collective consciousness of the planet, staged as an appeal to humans to be more aware of all life that is effected by the decisions we make, as a species. A repeat performance of the show was hosted by the Coffee House as a part of their Winter Dance Party, Potluck, which was a benefit show for Milwaukee Renaissance.

Here is a video of the performance, in its entirety, captured for documentation, and posted online:


Continuing in his dedication to informative and entertaining productions, suitable for audiences of all ages, Pettit plans to create a series of shows dedicated to illustrating the need and the means for transformation in our personal and societal relationships to a number of issues, including:

Resource Conservation

Food Production and Organic, Urban Gardening

Energy use and the “Green” energy movement

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Community Building

Environmental Stewardship

Consumer choice vs. Sustainability

and a host of other topics designed to increase people’s interest and awareness of simple ways they can help heal the planet and live cleaner healthier lives, for the sake of our own ecology and future generations.

For those who may be interested in donating to the cause of enhancing the production capabilities of POLYMORPHe PUPPETRY Co., please note that the brilliant and marvelously entertainng show, featured above, was produced on a budget of only $1,000. With more support from private donations and the public at large, there is no limit to how far our message can reach!

Look for our next, entirely NEW show, to come out (hopefully) in the Springtime, for which our focus will be: Organic Gardening!

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