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A Quick Update for Y’all: There is a chance that Mr. Zilber will take Pabst property, and there is a chance that the church could be used for part of our original hopes.
The church is a total of 6,000 sq. ft. 3,000 downstairs, which formerly was a kitchen facility/restaurant, and 3,000 sq. ft. upstairs. Some of our ideas are described in brief below.
We’ll see what is decided and then go from there!

A Model area of Green Building and Ecologically Conscious Urban Living


Solar hot water
Rainwater catchment
Living machine
Grey water system

Solar: Photovoltaic Systems Co.
James Kerbel, Design and Installation, Stevens Point, WI
(715) 824–2069 with
Artist Sarah Hall, Stained Glass within Photovoltaic Panels

Passive solar

Gardening - Research and Training

Teaching Garden (Vegetable, Herb, and indigenous Ecosystem Gardens)

The teaching garden would be a place of research and training. Children and adults alike could take part in workshops to learn how to grow food, facilitated by UW Extension Milwaukee County and Wellspring staff. The process would not be complete after harvest.

Food Preservation and Preparation

Culinary arts students from bordering MATC would teach adults how to prepare and preserve the harvests from the community garden. A plot of ground in the innercity, that would be a community garden and bring diverse populations together. Children would be taught how to grow food, from planting of seeds to harvest of produce. Adults would learn how to garden, including the planting of seeds, general maintenance in a garden, harvesting produce and preparing it for eating. Preparation of full meals would be made and served to the public in a food pantry and/or restaurant type facility.

MATC Culinary Arts students would receive training for obtaining and preparing local food.

Interactive (outdoor) Childrenís Area
The grounds would include interactive exhibits for children to learn about ecosystems, air, water, soil, gardening, etc., while merely walking around the land.

Healing Gardens

Areas that are landscaped and may be enjoyed by all. (Horticulture Therapy)


UW Extension Milwaukee County
Urban Agriculture, Horticulture, Master Gardeners
Wellspring, Inc.
UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Dean Bob Greenstreet expresses intent of working with us if, and when, the church is available.
WI Green Building Alliance
WE Energies, Resources and Funding available’‘’
Jeff Anthony, Manager of Renewable Energy Strategy
(414) 221–2481
Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy

 funding for installation of wind and solar energy systems
Sarah Hall
James Kerbel

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