Patricia Obletz: A Short Introduction

Patricia, a native of Buffalo, New York, has in recent years achieved wide media recognition for both her art and her mental health advocacy. She was awarded a state grant to found a quarterly newsletter and was editor-in-chief of Mental Health World, editions Winter 1992 through Spring 1999. She created and facilitates “Colorplay” (inspirational fun for all ages) and “Wordshops” (also intriguing and inspiring imagination, for everyone who can put words on paper, tape, cd). On her pages of the Milwaukee Renaissance wiki, she’s given us a startlingly frank depiction of her struggles with her own mental illness and the terminal cancers that took her parents and her sister. Patricia says:

I’ve been campaigning to raise mental health awareness through art since 1991 as a writer and an artist and workshop facilitator since 91 as well.

I mounted this mental health awareness campaign because I never questioned my mental health until I lost it and was catapulted into the worst years of my life.

But, once I learned how to navigate my case of bipolar disorder, I reached moderation, and entered my years of solid, pure gold, even in times of catastrophe.

We invite you to write about what helps and what hinders you when times are rough for “The Healing Power of Art” at Since we all experience grief, loss and other crises, your experiences can help others. Science and experience proved long ago the healing properties of self-expression, for the one who expresses, as well as everyone who shares these visible aspects of the human spirit.

We retain the right to edit all contributions volunteered for publication.

Thank you.

Patricia Obletz

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