2018 BHD budget priorities

Mental Health Task Force Update

Last Thursday, the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board held a Public Hearing to invite input on priorities for the 2018 Behavioral Health Division Budget. The Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force shared our priorities for the 2018 budget. Thanks to Susan Sigl for presenting the MHTF testimony and Todd Scharrer who provided informative and enthusiastic testimony in support of Peer Run Respite, as co-chair of the Mental Health Task Force Peer Run Respite Advisory Council.

If you did not have an opportunity to attend the hearing, you can still share your priorities. Click on this link to access the page with the survey to share your priorities for the 2018 BHD budget: http://county.milwaukee.gov/ BehavioralHealthDivi7762/ Mental-Health-Board/2018- Mental-Health-Board-Budget.htm

Don’t miss this opportunity to share your priorities. Be sure to check out the attached Mental Health Task Force testimony to learn about our priorities for the 2018 budget and consider adding your support for these important programs and services, when you complete the survey.

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