2018 Mental Health Board/ BHD budget priorities survey and listening session - share your priorities for the 2018 budget

Mental Health Task Force Update

As shared in previous emails, members of the public are encouraged to attend the March 23 Mental Health Board Meeting which includes a public hearing on priorities for the 2018 Behavioral Health Division Budget. The hearing is on Thursday March 23 at 4:30 pm at Washington Park Senior Center 4420 W Vilet St. Milwaukee, WI 53208. This is an important opportunity to share your priorities for the 2018 budget. Speakers are limited to three minutes.

BHD is also providing an option for members of the public to complete a survey to share their budget priorities. A link to the survey and other information about the budget process and the public hearing is at this link: http://county.milwaukee.gov/BehavioralHealthDivi7762/Mental-Health-Board/2018-Mental-Health-Board-Budget.htm

We encourage to go to the link, and complete the survey and share your priorities.

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