21st Century Freedom Fighters

By Patricia Obletz, Editor

Winter 2012

Ed. Note: It’s 2019 and today we have a front row seat to the antithesis of Pres. Barack Obama. Freedom fighters today face the same enemy they defeated, in World War II, but this time the enemy is also in the White House.

No one fights for freedom unless inspired by The Golden Rule, treat others as you want to be treated, God the Holy Spirit’s only Law. When the world’s American President Barack Hussein Obama gave his State of the Union speech January 24, 2012, the world watched The Golden Rule at work. The best for the majority. Respect, encouragement and support for people in need at the expense of a few gold bricks for members of the 1 Percent.

The Republican presidential candidate mindset shows the world the uncivilized opposite of The Golden Rule at work: me and mine only, contempt for others less lucky. Their behavior towards Pres. Obama and most Americans is certifiable: Narcissism and the worship of the almighty dollar.

President Obama Leads By Example

If you’re reading this, you have a front row seat to World War III. This world war is spiritual and its weapons are words spoken from the heart or by the bank. Having US Pres. Barack Obama lead by example has opened the minds of the masses. Evolution is taking another turn forward into positive thinking, the backbone of The Golden Rule. The people began to rise up against oppression in January 2011. Then new Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, revealed his intention to take from the majority of people and enrich the already rich 1 Percent, another portrait of greed grabbing from good in the seeming eternal war between human natures.

We 21st Century Freedom Fighters have only to vote and make sure people around us can vote in November whether or not they needed a voter ID. We have to. If we don’t, the haters will own everyone who doesn’t have FU money.

Image: Curtain Up by Patricia Obletz 48×36 oil on canvas

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