3 hours, all 132 legislators, 1 powerful message

by Jeri Bonavia, Executive Director, WAVE - Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

“If last year’s streak of gun incidents was any indication, the time is now for the Legislature to pursue common-sense solutions to diminish the threat of gun violence. There are sensible alternatives to our current gun laws that can keep firearms out of the hands of criminals while still maintaining the freedom of law-abiding citizens to participate in our rich Wisconsin traditions.”

-State Rep. Mandela Barnes, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel 1
That’s what one of our allies in Madison said in an op-ed that he wrote to coincide with our day of action in Madison.

It’s powerful reading, but I wanted you to see it for another reason — it shows that when you speak out for a safer, saner Wisconsin, politicians take note.

And if other lawmakers in Madison thought they could ignore our calls to fix our broken gun laws, ignore our growing movement to end gun violence, last Thursday was a wake-up call they won’t soon forget.

A group of us walked through the halls of the Capitol, office-by-office and legislator-by-legislator, hand delivering more than 3,000 petitions calling for immediate legislative action.

At the same time, people from every corner of the state stood in solidarity by flooding the Capitol phone lines with calls amplifying our message.

It was inspiring, and it was only possible because of you and every single supporter who made your voices heard.

So, thank you. Not one lawmaker could avoid us last week, and we sent a clear message that we won’t sit down or be silent as long as they refuse to do their job and protect our children and communities.


P.S. Click here to check out a couple of photos from our day in Madison, and download a copy of the legislative solutions we gave to every lawmaker.

#1 http://www.jsonline.com/news/opinion/state-must-do-more-to-make-milwaukee-neighborhoods-safe-b99430517z1-289373191.html

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