Three REALLY quick actions you can take right now to help stop the abuses in the prison at Waupun:

1) Sign this on-line petition: Peg Swan, our colleague in Western Wisconsin and the woman behind the recent investigative articles about the abuses in the Waupun prison, started a petition on

2) Email Governor Walker: Copy and paste the following text into an email to Governor Walker. Send it as is, or add some of your own thoughts.

I am writing to ask for your response to the July 29th letter from the state-wide interfaith group WISDOM concerning torture and abuse in Wisconsin prisons, most notably Waupun. The problems they cite, based in part on a 5-month investigative report from WI Center for Investigative Journalism, warrant immediate response, including but not limited to a federal DOJ investigation. No Wisconsin citizen of good conscience can let this slide, and neither can the governor.
Please respond to the demands in that letter, which I support.

Sign with your name and your contact information, so that he can respond.

3) Contact your state legislators and ask, ‘What are you going to do about the abuses in the segregation unit in the prison at Waupun?’ If they haven’t heard about this, refer them to, the website for the Center for Investigative Journalism. Here’s the link for the articles: Click here to learn who your Wisconsin legislators are and how to contact them.

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