4th highest in the nation

Wisconsinites are fed up with elected officials wasting time on politically-motivated efforts to repeal and defund the ACA; time that could be spent making the law work even better for everyone and reducing costs.

A recent report shows Wisconsinites paying the 4th highest health insurance premiums in the nation - yet conservatives like Scott Walker and Ron Johnson continue peddling their tired old rhetoric about repealing the Affordable Care Act instead of using all the tools in the law proven to actually lower health care costs.

This week, Citizen Action of Wisconsin went on offense - helping introduce legislation exposing conservatives for failing to use the ACA to hold insurance companies accountable for high premiums. We need you to join our call for an end to the political attacks on health care:

Add your name: The ACA is here to stay!

The ACA already has made important reforms to health care - like making sure no one is denied coverage simply for getting sick, allowing young people to stay on their parents plans, and putting limits on how much insurance companies can make you pay out of pocket - but more can and must be done to lower costs.

But right-wing ideologues like Scott Walker and Ron Johnson want Americans to falsely blame the ACA for the high cost of care rather than the true culprits—conservatives who are sabotaging the law.

We know the facts aren’t on their side, and last Thursday we joined State Senator Chris Larson and State Representative Debra Kolste to reveal the Walker Administration’s refusal to use rate review to hold insurance companies accountable for excessive premium increases.

Even after two Supreme Court decisions affirming the ACA and over 50 failed attempts to repeal, Walker and Johnson are still making the repeal of health care reform a top priority. We need your help sending a message loud and clear to those who continue wasting time attacking health care reform for the sake of politics: The ACA is here to stay!

‘’‘Stand up for health care freedom by adding your name here.

-The Citizen Action of Wisconsin team
PS: Did you sign up for insurance on healthcare.gov? Are you paying too much for health care? Speak out here.

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